About Us

Avenue Imperial provides fashion enthusiasts with access to the world’s most iconic stores, allowing them to browse and buy in a virtual 360° recreation of each store, from anywhere in the world.

Customers can share their shopping experience with friends using the social sharing function. They can purchase 24/7 from a store’s existing e-commerce offering via the virtual interface.

If customers want to purchase an item directly from the virtual store, they can use Avenue Imperial’s revolutionary SnapShot function to interact with an in-store sales assistant in real-time.

Avenue Imperial provides an unrivalled offering of high-definition, easy to use, indoor virtual tours that are updated on a weekly basis, so that the virtual store closely resembles each physical store at any given time. The system gives customers the ability to shop from real stores via an online interface; we see this as the ‘3rd way of shopping’.

Avenue Imperial is a London based start-up and a unique patent pending technology. It is the brainchild of former derivatives trader Nicolas Rossi, tech-industry veteran Julian Ball and world record holding panoramic photographer and programmer Tom Mills.